HOK Talent Solutions - Webinar: Cracking the job interview code 6 Success Strategies

Webinar – Cracking the job interview code: 6 Success Strategies

HOK Talent Solutions was proud to present the careers webinar “Cracking the job interview code: 6 success strategies” produced in partnership with The Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS) on June 9 2021. For those of you who missed out or who want some help preparing for an interview, the recording is here.

In the webinar we discuss these key points:

  • The usual HSE job interview structure
  • Breaking the ice/small talk
  • How to craft your elevator pitch
  • How to confidently tell your career story and answer those uncomfortable questions (career gaps, sudden departures, salary expectations, etc.)
  • 5 common behavioural question you should expect and how to answer them
  • Suggested questions to ask your future employer

Learning Outcomes:

  • Pre-interview preparation
  • Your role in creating a two-way conversation
  • An understanding of Targeted/Behavioural Selection Processes & Questions
  • Navigating post-interview etiquette

Get in touch with us if you need further advice on how to be prepared for your next interview.

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