HOK Talent Solutions is a national health & safety executive search agency. We help employers find the best and most experienced HSE professionals.

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Be Heard

We take a personalised, and considerate approach to recruitment. You can talk to us openly and be assured your personal information will remain confidential.

Be Understood

Through many years of experience (and a proven track record), we understand who our clients are looking for and what our candidates need to excel.

Be Selective

We nurture our network of talented HSE candidates so we can quickly source and place the right person. We don’t waste your time and money randomly advertising.

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  • Providing feedback to health and safety candidates about why they weren’t shortlisted for a role or why they came second is never easy—ask any recruiter. It’s the hardest part of our jobs. Just lately, the feedback we’ve had to deliver has centred around role tenure....

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  • When candidates ask me how to manage a counter offer, I often think of a song called “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” released by British punk band, The Clash, in the early ‘80s. The chorus went like this: Should I stay or should...

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