Ep 7: Helen talks COVID-19 with employment lawyer and Partner at Gadens, Siobhan Mulcahy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to enact their business continuity plans. But no one predicted COVID-19 or planned for the impact it’s having on all of us at work and in our daily lives.

In this special episode, Helen talks to employment lawyer and Partner at Gadens, Siobhan Mulcahy, about the HR issues businesses are grappling with in response to COVID-19. With warmth and good humour, Siobhan shares her advice on how business can best address the employment challenges created by COVID-19.

In this podcast, Siobhan shares her advice to employers including:

  • How to implement working from home quickly, and minimise your exposure to risk as an employer
  • Is it an option to stand-down employees due to COVID-19
  • When can employees be directed to use leave

About Helen’s guest, Siobhan Mulcahy

Siobhan Mulcahy is a Partner at Gadens (an Australian mid-tier law firm) who provides legal advice and representation on all areas of employment and industrial law. She draws upon 20 years’ experience in various roles in workplace relations.

The focus of Siobhan’s work has been industrial relations, strategic human resources and investigations. She has a demonstrated ability to balance the often divergent interests of various stakeholders and to assist with successful introduction of cultural, structural and process change.

Her experience spans a wide range of industries including FMCG, construction, maintenance, labour hire, contact centre, manufacturing, vocational education and training, resources, health and the finance/ insurance sectors.

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