Ep 8: Helen talks safety with Deliveroo Australia CEO, Ed McManus

Helen is delighted to be joined by the Australian CEO of Deliveroo, Ed McManus.

Ed and Helen discuss:

  • How Deliveroo has managed the challenges of COVID
  • Ed’s career path, from scientist to CEO
  • Ed’s background and understanding around creating a health & safety culture
  • Why mental well-being is such an important issue to discuss
  • What CEOs & boards want from a HSE professional

We hope you enjoy listening.

About Helen’s guest, Ed McManus

Ed McManus is the CEO of Deliveroo Australia. Born and educated Ireland, Ed began his Australian career as a research scientist for the Walter & Eliza Hall Research Centre. He then moved to pharmaceutical giant GSK before making the switch to REA Group. His first CEO role was with Meridian Energy Australia, where he learned a lot about health and safety at work in a high risk environment.

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