Ep 9: Helen talks safety with Earl Eddings – Managing Director of Riskcom & Chair of Cricket Australia

Helen is delighted to be joined by Earl Eddings who is the Managing Director of Riskcom and Chair of Cricket Australia.

In this episode, Helen and Earl discuss:

  • Earl’s career path in health & safety
  • Health and safety issues in a professional sporting context vs corporate environment
  • How senior HSE leaders should communicate with boards around health and safety issues

We hope you enjoy listening.


About Helen’s guest, Earl Eddings

Chair of Cricket Australia and Managing Director of The Riskcom Group, Earl was North Melbourne Cricket Club President from 2001 until November 2008. He was a Director of Cricket Victoria from 2006-2015 and held the position of Deputy Chairman from 2008-2015. He is a Non-Executive Director of MPower Ltd and past Managing Director of ASX listed Greencap Ltd.

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